FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the page my account. Enter your contract number and your password. On the page "change my bank details", enter your new address. Save and close.
You can find out everything about our promotions and the car parks where they are applicable on the website www.pcard.be

You can apply via: www.pcard.be

Benefits of Pcard+:

  1. Easy to use
    1. No need to pay at the payment machines
    2. No need for cash
    3. No need to keep your payment receipts
  2. Time saving
    1. Easy access to all Interparkings in Belgium
    2. Simplified administration for businesses
  3. Cheaper
    1. Recovery of VAT (Private Plus or Business contract, if applicable)
    2. Promotions (- 10%) in participating car parks
Any request for one or several additional Pcard+ must be submitted via a "user profile", completed and signed. This form can be obtained from: pcard@servipark.com. Do not forget to mention your customer number and contract number.
Visit the page my account. Enter your contract number and your password. Under the tab "My Account" you will find the transactions and discounts. Transactions can be downloaded in csv format.
Your subscription gives you access to one or more car parks for a fixed, monthly price. When you visit this parking, you will not be charged any additional fee for parking. If you use your Pcard+ in a car park where you do not have a subscription, you will pay the price that is displayed at the entrance of the car park, minus the discounts that you have as a Pcard+ client.
You can ask in any car park to combine both cards to a single card. In order to do so, contact our staff in the car park or contact us directly through our contact page.
As a Pcard+ client, you will benefit from an evening tariff in most of Interparking's car parks. You can find the complete list of participating car parks on pcard.be.
Pcard+ holders get access to this evening tariff automatically, and without any additional action. Regardless of when you enter a car park, your stay within the evening hours will never be billed at more than the evening tariff (between 2.25€ and 5€). You can find the hours at which the evening tariff is applied and the exact prices on the detail pages of the car parks on pcard.be.
None: the two cards are equal. As partners, Interparking and Brussels Airport have launched this customized version with the colors of the airport. The two cards offer the same benefits: being in the car parks located at the airport or in the other Interparking car parks in Belgium. Same card, two colors.